When is my next periodwhen is my next period?

 ‘When is my next period?’  You should know the answer to this question so that you know whether the menstrual cycle is intact or not.  A healthy menstrual cycle actually enhances your overall health.  So, it is very important to observe whether you are getting periods at regular intervals.  You should be well aware of ovulation symptoms so that you can take necessary precautions to get pregnant or not.  Your best bet is to consult a Gynecologist if you are unsure about your menstrual cycle, but in the meantime, the period calculator can help give you an idea about the answer to ‘when is my next period?”


Menstruation is the time during which the ovulation happens inside a woman’s body.  Bleeding will occur during the menstrual phase. At the time of menstruation, the body sheds out the lining of the uterus. Menstrual bleeding will happen which will flow from the uterus through the cervix and finally it will be oozing out through the vagina. If you are well aware of the fact ‘when is my next period’, you won’t be alarmed by the changes that occur within your body.

It is very important to be vigilant about the changes in body temperature and mood swings during menstruation. When you notice and report these changes to your doctor, you can get appropriate advice. By cooperating actively with the doctor (by following the advice and medication), it is possible to either get pregnant or to prevent pregnancy altogether.  This is just another reason why it is important to know the answer to the question:  ‘when is my next period?’

Fertility calendar

Those who are working hard to get pregnant should be aware of the ‘fertility calendar’ in addition to the awareness about ‘when is my next period’. Fertility calendar is available through online. You can go through the site and enter the details. By filling the details in on the form and submitting the form, you can get information about the current fertility scenario.

By using the fertility calendar, you will be able to see the dates on which the chances for fertility are at optimum levels. In addition to being on track with the ‘when is my next period calcualtor’, you can find the fertile days for the coming 3 months to one year. When you are well aware of the fertile dates, it is possible to take effective steps so that you will get pregnant. You will have sexual intercourse on the fertile dates so that the chances of conception are optimized. This is great news for the ‘I want to be pregnant’ ladies. When you are well aware of the probable dates, it is possible to create a suitable environment. By planning all aspects, you can get pregnant at the time of your choosing. On the other hand, if you are not wanting to get pregnant, you will try to avoid sexual intercourse or usage of other contraception will be taken care of during the fertile days.

Period cycle calendar

The following information is required to be entered on the period cycle calendar.

  • The first day of the last menstrual period
  • Your menstrual cycle length (the No. of days in between the first day of the period and last day of the period)
  • The current date

28 days is the normal length of a woman’s menstruation cycle. There will be plus or minus of a few days. The cycle lengths will vary from one woman to another woman. There might be extreme cases where the deviation may take place to the extent of 90 days without having any visible reasons.

The body will go through changes during period cycles. Hence, it is necessary to keep track of ‘when is my next period’. You will take more rest during those special days. As a matter of fact, the menstrual cycles will be dominated by the hormonal changes that occur in the body. Physical as well as mental health will have an influence on your menstrual health.

No period

If you are well aware of the answer to the question ‘when is my next period’, you will get medical attention when you face ‘no period’ situation. There will be certain occasions during which periods will not occur on expected days. There should not be any panic. If you are facing serious health issues or being strained too much, the periods will be postponed by one week or more. However, if the scenario is repeated quite often, you should go for medical checkup and necessary medication should be taken under the guidance of the doctor.

Changes in schedules, changes in medications and being underweight or overweight will also have an impact on ‘no period’ issue. If the calculation is wrong, the onset of menopause and pregnancy are other factors that will lead to ‘no period’. When you are well aware of ‘when is my next period’, you will not worry about miscalculations.

Prolonged bleeding

The cause for prolonged menstrual bleeding should be assessed and necessary precautions should be taken. It is very important to take the advice of the doctor so that you will not become anemic. Heavy bleeding or bleeding for a prolonged period is common in girls when they are experiencing hormonal changes for the first time.  It can also be observed in women before the entry of menopausal period. By taking birth control pills, heavy bleeding can be controlled to some extent.

There can be a lot of distress caused by prolonged or heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle. It will affect the normal way of life. It is difficult to keep away from the bathroom. The pain and discomfort cannot be explained unless it is experienced. Even though surgical options are explored in older women, there are various alternatives to overcome the scenario. If you are well aware of when your next period is and if the period sets in but continues for a long time, you should consult the doctor so that you can receive the correct care that you need to stop the prolonged bleeding.